IT Services for New Jersey

Providing New Jersey businesses with maintained networks, servers, workstations and devices

What We Do

At South State Tech, our focus is on creating personal business relationships and allowing our clients to enjoy stress-free IT services, safe in the knowledge that they will get the highest quality of service while simultaneously being able to direct their time, energy, and attention more fully towards the areas of their business that represent their core specialities.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, lightning fast response times, and the skill and insight of our expert team of technicians. When it comes to business IT in New Jersey, we’re the people to call.

Let us keep your network safe, secure, high-performing, and up-to-date so that your company can keep performing at a high level, secure in the knowledge that all your IT needs are being managed by a highly committed and professional team.

Our Services

Let us handle your infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.

SST Sentinel is our flagship service, and involves a flat rate monthly fee in exchange for us handling all of the Labour, services, and fine-tuning required in order to keep your IT services running, and running smoothly.

With SST Sentinel, we provide around-the-clock monitoring of your network and computer systems in order to prevent downtime, outages, and other technical problems that frequently cause many businesses trouble.

SST Sentinel also offers unlimited, remote technical support in order to ensure that you can raise any issues with us quickly, and have them resolved with a sense of urgency.

SST’s Cloud Services are built around SST Desktop – which offers all of your users a persistent Windows desktop based in the cloud, which can be accessed from any device, and which is always on.

SST desktop offers the unique benefits of an entirely familiar and comfortable desktop experience from virtually any device, courtesy of our device-agnostic construction.

Many businesses might benefit from our cloud services, including those which rely heavily on remote working, companies which need to easily, quickly, and affordably make provisions for contract workers, and companies who are interested in extending their critical resources into the cloud in order to benefit from greater accessibility and a reduced need for on-site processing power and hardware.

Virtualize your office! Maximize productivity, minimize hardware costs

Let us reduce your soaring phone costs, adding value and functionalities your current solution doesn’t have.

Voice Over IP – also known as VoIP – is an affordable, Internet-based alternative to traditional phone lines, which enables your business to make calls at a reduced cost, while simultaneously benefiting from a variety of new and dynamic features that are not possible through traditional phone lines.

SST’s VoIP phone systems include all the hardware, support, and service you need for one low monthly rate. We handle installation, maintenance and support for you, and we will also migrate your old system to VoIP.

With VoIP services, your monthly rate will stay low no matter how many calls you make, and no matter which part of the world you are making those calls to. As communication infrastructure is increasingly becoming Internet-based, signing up for VoIP also frees you from having to invest in getting equipment installed that will likely become redundant in the near future – which is the case with traditional phone lines.

Our Commitment to You

The primary way in which all of our services will benefit you, is by allowing you to completely forget about the intricacies involved in IT management altogether.

When you use our services, you do not have to invest any more energy or attention in trying to figure out the best IT solution for your company, and you also don’t have to go through the headache of trying to figure out the most convenient and effective ways to get issues resolved once they arise.

Many businesses – new start-ups in particular – find themselves completely hamstrung by the sorts of technical issues that we can resolve for you in an affordable and skillful manner. Instead of allowing IT concerns to weigh down on you, let us be your “IT department,” so that you can spend the bulk of your time, energy, and attention on the focal point of your business – the thing that you would prefer to be working on.

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