Managed IT

Managed IT Services for New Jersey

Unlike other computer consulting companies, South State Tech specializes in comprehensive, flat-rate computer services for small and mid-sized businesses in the tristate area. We have sophisticated tools and custom processes to protect your data, keep your computer systems reliable and your employees productive. Our strong commitment to preventative maintenance is a big reason we stand apart from our competitors.

South State Tech’s flagship service is SST Sentinel. SST Sentinel is a flat-rate monthly service that includes all of the labor and services required to keep your systems running smoothly. SST Sentinel provides around-the-clock monitoring of your network and computer systems to prevent downtime, outages and other technical problems before they interrupt your business. SST Sentinel also offers unlimited, remote technical support to respond quickly to emergency issues and keep your team productive.

SST Sentinel offers the following advantages over traditional IT services:

Fixed monthly payments

Immediate technical support – no more waiting for on-site technicians

Preventative Maintenance – increased uptime and productivity

Why do you need SST Sentinel?

SST Sentinel is a preventative maintenance plan to keep your computer systems running like the day you purchased them. We created SST Sentinel because our clients were often paying us to bring their systems back from a critical situation, almost always costing much more than if the computer systems were properly maintained.

SST Sentinel also provides direct access to our helpdesk where our technicians solve up to 95% of all technical support issues remotely for no extra charge! Our quick response coupled with a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan will dramatically improve productivity and reduce your overall investment in computer-related services and avoiding costly downtime.

How does it work?

The SST Sentinel management software monitors all of your computer systems in real-time and provides our office with remote access to your network. When a problem is discovered, the management software attempts to resolve the problem automatically or if the problem persists, the software will notify our support team for action. The SST Sentinel management software will appear as a small icon in the Windows system tray.

If assistance is needed for an item beyond what SST Sentinel detects, simply call our office and request immediate support. You and our support team can interact in real-time to diagnose and resolve issues quickly without our technicians physically visiting the desktop. This process takes minutes and we’re confident you won’t find such easy, reliable and timely service anywhere else.

    What’s included?

    South State Tech includes comprehensive monitoring of your servers and network-based equipment, and provides a maintenance schedule to keep your team productive. Our server maintenance leverages the tools and expertise of our entire company and places that expertise directly in your server room.

    South State Tech keeps your servers, workstations, laptops and all network equipment optimized and secure by performing daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. SST Sentinel includes:


    • Asset Management – Complete hardware, software and user security audit
    • Backup / Disaster Recovery – Manage existing backup solution
    • Real-Time Monitoring – Monitor all Windows Event Logs and network devices
    • Security Management – A remove and prevent anti-virus, anti-spyware security solution
    • Broadband Support – Administration of Internet services and equipment
    • Microsoft Updates – Install and manage all Microsoft Updates
    • Unlimited Remote Tech Support – Direct access to our helpdesk for immediate support

    Are there any guarantees?

    Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. If at any time, you are not completely satisfied with our service, you can exit the relationship.  No strings attached. In fact, we’ll even help you make the transition. That’s how confident we are you will be delighted with our service.

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