Our IT Services

SST Sentinel – Managed IT

We know it is impossible for you to keep pace with the constant changes and rapid developments in the technology industry. To succeed and grow, you need to have an astute and experienced technology partner on whom you can depend. South State Tech is your new technology partner.

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Cloud Service

SST’s Cloud Services allows your business to more efficiently address hardware costs that can prove to be costly impediments to your company’s IT performance.

SST Desktop enables your users with a persistent Windows desktop in the Cloud. With this service your business can quickly and easily implement business-critical desktop resources to users.

SST Desktop’s always-on, device-agnostic construction allows a completely customized and familiar desktop experience from virtually any device.

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Voice Over IP (VoIP)

VoIP – Voice-over-IP, is an affordable, Internet-based business phone system that can increase your businesses mobility and productivity. VoIP offers features that simply aren’t available with traditional business phone systems, and can save you thousands of dollars on your phone bills. SST’s VoIP packages offer solutions to replace your current phone system with Voice-over-IP.

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